Super Banzai pre-release version public test

I have added an alpha version of Super Banzai for download on for anyone looking to try it out. I have more features planned and some optimizations to do but wanted to put a version out for some of the people asking for a copy.

I am hoping people are able to play this version and can provide some feedback so I can move forward developing this project. Thanks in advance for checking it out.

Steam Greenlight Campaign coming soon.

Regarding the Campaign I have been handing out Cards at K-days and I believe there are some on hand still for people to grab if interested this card has the Steam page link embedded in it to make voting easier as well as a special offer for those who vote post release so hang on to the cards.

Currently the cards link to this site, however  I will be launching the campaign this fall, at that point any of the cards out in the wild will be activated and link to the voting page.

I would appreciate your vote to put super banzai on steam, if successful I have some plans to add some of the more requested features and I will have news on that later.

K-Days Tech Expo

Super Banzai is being shown at K-days in Edmonton this week alongside other Alberta independent games thanks to the hard work and support of the GDX team. For those interested the latest build will be on hand for play on July 25, 26, 29 and the 31st.

This build features new game modes such as Battle Royal (this was present in the last build as a free for all type game mode supporting 2-4 players).

Team play is now available so players can work together in a 2 v 2 setup and finally an objective based mode featuring 2 vs 2 play.



On the subject of new changes the game now has 3 stages available to play, the base level Factory has been enhanced both visually and functionally to improve the play experience.

The Next Stage is called Sewer and it is a medium sized map that encourages grappling and plays quite fast as a result.

Finally the Dojo stage offers a solid play space for ground tactics with level architecture that encourages movement via the grappling system.

There 4 more stages in various states of completeness that will be ready over the next few months as well as some other surprises the biggest being I will be kicking off our Steam Green light campaign withing the next week. I am working on the submission process most of which involves cutting the trailer for Super Banzai. I hope we can count on your support  to push us over the line when the time comes. 

A second twitch Stream

An up and coming Twitch channel called Coffee_Grinds offered to play Super Banzai among other games from GDX this past weekend and I gladly accepted. I linked the stream below for anyone interested they are a couple of great guys, I only met one in person to be honest but cool none the less.

Please support their channel by subscribing at

Thank you again #GDX2016 such a super event for the Alberta IndyGame scene

Super Banzai Tournament hosted by Extra Life YEG

Super Banzai was featured at a tournament this past Saturday May the 7th I have linked the live stream of their twitch stream. I cannot thank them enough for hosting this tournament and the reaction I am receiving from people.


The link for the twitch stream is below, thanks to BinaryCupcakes for the excellent commentary and Chanel moderation. Please follow YEG Extra life and the team streamers for more superb feeds.

The winner of the tournament will receive a full build of the game once it is complete.

GDX 2016 was a huge success

Thank you to the organizers for allowing me to present the latest build of Super Banzai this weekend in Edmonton at GDX 2016. For those of you unfamiliar with the event  GDX it is a game developers expo located in Edmonton Alberta that showcases regional Board and Video game creators, artists, media, technology advocates and general enthusiasts.

The booth set up in the expo hall, sparse on signage, something to look into later on. Marketing is not my strength.

There were quite of few individuals attending from all over the province, and possibly some from outside of Alberta I am not aware of. There was quite a good turn out for the event with some exceptional games being shown in varying states of completeness but everything I had the pleasure of seeing looked really impressive.

The response I received from Super Banzai was overwhelmingly positive which surprised me to be honest. A few bugs were discovered this weekend which has been resolved but disappointing that they were missed prior to the event, but its still in pre-release so these are best discovered now.

Some friendly people beating the crap out of each other :)


I feel I am on the right track and will be working towards a Stream Green light campaign launch next month. I have to finish up a few more stages and some more polish is required to meet my expectations.


Again thanks to everyone who played this weekend I look forward to next year's event.

The awards show was a nice touch congrats to those who placed in the Top Three.

The show winner 3,2,1...Grenades by Banyago

Second place was RunGunJumpGun by thirtythreegames

Third place was a tie between Astervoid 2000 by MadCapacity

Life goes on: Done to Death by Infinate Monkeys Entertainment

Going to K-Days in Edmonton for the Techlife Attraction - July 18-23

I was invited by the awesome group of people over at Edmonton GDX (Game Discovery Exhibition) to show my game Super Banzai at the Gaming Booth space for the duration of K-Days. I will be able to make it there for the weekend however after that I will have to return home.

The GDX group has generously extended an offer to show my game on my behalf from Monday until Thursday, I cannot thank these guys enough. 

This will be the first public play session since the redesign and I am looking forward to seeing how the new changes are accepted by everyone. 

I have the new Marketing material shown here as well, it will be interesting to see if people even recognize this classic game references.

The controller isn't just for show either, I will be bringing these for players to use.

Post GDX news

I had a great time in Edmonton getting to meet people who were playing Psychic Ninja Doom Squad. I received some positive feedback regarding the current build and some insight to some design issues that was very much appreciated. I cannot thank the Organizers enough for extending the invite to the Calgary Developers so we could participate in this cool event.

Now time to finish off the open issues so I can finally put PNDS into Beta, then the crunch begins to polish the systems and finally overhaul the graphic design, I have too much placeholder art assets in place currently and will be focusing on the aesthetics going forward. 

Games Discovery Exhibition in Edmonton

I have added some new features and a new stage for Psychic Ninja Doom Squad in preparation for the upcoming event. I do have a table for the event in order to allow people to have some hands on play with the latest build. The Games Discovery Exhibition aka. GDX is an exciting event where developers can meet and see each others work, the event is open to the public with no admission fee whatsoever this allows whomever wishes to see how the sausage is made so to speak.

Games development is a long, frustrating yet rewarding en devour. It can be thank less and more often then not game projects fizzle out but the developers who become involved in this madness are not alone, particularly in recent years a number of organizations have come together to align the independent scene and facilitate the growth of our local game dev communities. To this I am thankful I have met some great people around Calgary and a handful in Edmonton, I hope to continue to expand my network of peers and make a few more friends along the way. If you can make it to GDX this year please stop by and say hi. Event details below

Microsoft Game Showcase

             Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see Psychic Ninja Doom Squad during the Chinook Center Microsoft Store Game Showcase. While the numbers were not as strong as we would have liked to see the level of engagement was high with those who dropped by.

              I did get to meet a few people who showed interest in the Indy developer process and the scene in general. While I cannot speak to either of these except from my own perspective I feel that small independent games are becoming more popular as well as being appreciated for their unique take on gaming also the passion the people who make the games is contagious. 

              Feedback is always welcome and I will continue on in my attempt to deliver the best dang ninja themed competitive brawler that I can. 

Game Name Change to Psychic Ninja Doom Squad

I have received some feedback regarding the name Psychic Ninja Death Squad and was told the name while not offensive it did in fact make some people uncomfortable. I do not wish to exclude anyone from enjoying my game due to any preconceptions that may or may not exist I felt this was a simple change that I am comfortable with and still invokes the spirit of the game I intended. 

Microsoft Store Public Showcase

Special thanks to the Calgary Game Developers group, I am able to show the latest build in a public venue on December 3rd at the Microsoft Store in Chinook Center here in Calgary.

I hope to see many people out there and look forward to getting some feedback and getting some quality play-testing done.


The Showcase begins at 5:30 PM till 8:30 PM, I included a link to the Calgary Game Developers Group for those who wish to look into this great community and see what they are all about, I really cannot speak highly enough of this group.

Submitted Psychic Ninja Death Squad to IGF

I just made the cutoff for the 2015 Independent Games Festival entry. The game is admittedly a long way off but they are tolerant and encourage works in progress so I made the leap with no illusions of my chances regarding likelihood of winning anything. It's a long shot to say the least more so this is a motivational move to force me into finishing the game. I did put up a rushed trailer which I hope to redo once I find time in the next few weeks. It is not my best work but the submission required it, so had to get something put together. I will link to it below.


Calgary Mini Maker Fair

I had a great time this past weekend at the Calgary mini maker fair, it was the first time a public play test was done on Psychic Ninja Death Squad. I received some amazing feedback regarding the game and quite possibly have gained a few fans.  I am anticipating our next play test and have new features being implemented that will change the game increasing the intensity and hopefully fun.