Games Discovery Exhibition in Edmonton

I have added some new features and a new stage for Psychic Ninja Doom Squad in preparation for the upcoming event. I do have a table for the event in order to allow people to have some hands on play with the latest build. The Games Discovery Exhibition aka. GDX is an exciting event where developers can meet and see each others work, the event is open to the public with no admission fee whatsoever this allows whomever wishes to see how the sausage is made so to speak.

Games development is a long, frustrating yet rewarding en devour. It can be thank less and more often then not game projects fizzle out but the developers who become involved in this madness are not alone, particularly in recent years a number of organizations have come together to align the independent scene and facilitate the growth of our local game dev communities. To this I am thankful I have met some great people around Calgary and a handful in Edmonton, I hope to continue to expand my network of peers and make a few more friends along the way. If you can make it to GDX this year please stop by and say hi. Event details below