GDX 2016 was a huge success

Thank you to the organizers for allowing me to present the latest build of Super Banzai this weekend in Edmonton at GDX 2016. For those of you unfamiliar with the event  GDX it is a game developers expo located in Edmonton Alberta that showcases regional Board and Video game creators, artists, media, technology advocates and general enthusiasts.

The booth set up in the expo hall, sparse on signage, something to look into later on. Marketing is not my strength.

There were quite of few individuals attending from all over the province, and possibly some from outside of Alberta I am not aware of. There was quite a good turn out for the event with some exceptional games being shown in varying states of completeness but everything I had the pleasure of seeing looked really impressive.

The response I received from Super Banzai was overwhelmingly positive which surprised me to be honest. A few bugs were discovered this weekend which has been resolved but disappointing that they were missed prior to the event, but its still in pre-release so these are best discovered now.

Some friendly people beating the crap out of each other :)


I feel I am on the right track and will be working towards a Stream Green light campaign launch next month. I have to finish up a few more stages and some more polish is required to meet my expectations.


Again thanks to everyone who played this weekend I look forward to next year's event.

The awards show was a nice touch congrats to those who placed in the Top Three.

The show winner 3,2,1...Grenades by Banyago

Second place was RunGunJumpGun by thirtythreegames

Third place was a tie between Astervoid 2000 by MadCapacity

Life goes on: Done to Death by Infinate Monkeys Entertainment