K-Days Tech Expo

Super Banzai is being shown at K-days in Edmonton this week alongside other Alberta independent games thanks to the hard work and support of the GDX team. For those interested the latest build will be on hand for play on July 25, 26, 29 and the 31st.

This build features new game modes such as Battle Royal (this was present in the last build as a free for all type game mode supporting 2-4 players).

Team play is now available so players can work together in a 2 v 2 setup and finally an objective based mode featuring 2 vs 2 play.



On the subject of new changes the game now has 3 stages available to play, the base level Factory has been enhanced both visually and functionally to improve the play experience.

The Next Stage is called Sewer and it is a medium sized map that encourages grappling and plays quite fast as a result.

Finally the Dojo stage offers a solid play space for ground tactics with level architecture that encourages movement via the grappling system.

There 4 more stages in various states of completeness that will be ready over the next few months as well as some other surprises the biggest being I will be kicking off our Steam Green light campaign withing the next week. I am working on the submission process most of which involves cutting the trailer for Super Banzai. I hope we can count on your support  to push us over the line when the time comes.